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Does your DNA match the Voice of the People, The Voice of the Leadership and the Voice of the Business in a synergised manner? Is your business fit for purpose?

Do you have a change agenda? Do you need to transform the business or parts of the business? Are you: fragmented, siloed, managed, strategic, or a transformational business?

At blackswan we see transformation as much more than just a change programme. We have spend 17 years studying it. Watch our video to see some of the journey to this point.

How does your business benefit:

We work with companies and public sector departments to address 5 key transformational challenges.

  1. Improve strategic market position.
  2. Optimise profit margin and balance sheet returns.
  3. Increase customer loyalty and deliver new markets.
  4. Achieve fit for purpose operational excellence and resource alignment.
  5. Deliver effective mergers and acquisitions.

Our clients experiences:

  1. Coaching on a global scaleRead More

    The client challenge

    As an international business, our client from the extractive industries had a high number of local relationships with local suppliers for coaching and leadership development. There were a range of over-arching programmes co-ordinated centrally but it remained difficult, if not impossible, to have meaningful management reporting,...

  2. Delivering returns in ChinaRead More

    The client challenge

    This food retail group had invested £600m in China across 3 businesses. With thirty plants, a headcount of 10,000 and a turnover of RMB 4bn, China’s importance in the client’s global operations cannot be overstated. The client wants to develop its senior and middle management teams across three of its Chinese operations. By...

  3. Developing differenceRead More

    The client challenge

    Our client from the hotel hospitality and leisure industry was looking for something completely different.

    All 19 senior managers have spent many hours working through management development and training programmes. They did not want the ordinary and the mundane and were keen to avoid the same approach that has been used...

  4. High impact business changeRead More

    The client challenge

    Our client from the extractive industries a 55,000 employee strong organisation, identified that their global training budget exceeded $200m annually - a level 3 times higher than the industry benchmark practice for training spend.

    The corporate Learning & Development (L&D) function was perceived a ‘...

How we deliver:

blackswan's first value is we work for you. We serve clients in a broad range of industries, government and functions. Our second value is our professional blend of industry expertise with strategic business insights to help improve the performance of industry-leading organisations. Our third value is that we bring unique market insights through our TrendNA which when matched with our strategic insights, passionate innovation practice and a world class delivery team we say proudly is unequalled in the world. Each project that we take on brings together a unique cast of people, complete with diverse backgrounds, roles, and expertise and our unique knowledge base and technology platforms. Our fourth value statement is that we knowledge-transfer with our clients, so that you are a more complete business for the relationship with blackswan. We are an innovative business that is always ahead of the curve and we know that our contemporary learning and your wisdom will create great solutions. Our fifth value is that we are not here to tell you how to run your business—we are here to help you run your business.

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