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blackswan Learning transforms and enables individuals, teams and businesses to make a real sustainable difference to their world. blackswan coaches senior leaders, leads dynamic organisational change, builds effective teams and measures outcomes to give business the talent advantage.

Do you have a Learning strategy? Are your competitors benchmarking against you? Do you have a shared learning vision that everyone agrees on? Does your leadership discard their old ways of thinking and the standard routines for solving problems? Do your People openly communicate with each other without fear of criticism or punishment? Do your People sublimate their personal self-interest and fragmented departmental interests to work together to achieve the organisation's shared vision? At blackswan, we see Learning as much more than Learning Individually but also about the learning organisation . In the blackswan world Learning is an organisation that learns in an innovative open and collaborative manner and encourages learning among its people in the same way.

How does your business benefit:

We work with companies in every industry to develop strategies that address the following five challenges:

  1. Building a culture of continuous learning and knowledge generation in an open and collaborative manner,
  2. Integrating a critical, systems thinking approach across the organisation,
  3. Building a spirit of flexibility and experimentation into a People-centred organisation,
  4. Learning how to manage the  Self. Manage the Individual. Manage the team manage the business. Manage the external Environment,
  5. Organisational Redesign and business Transformation.

Our clients experiences:

  1. Coaching on a global scaleRead More

    The client challenge

    As an international business, our client from the extractive industries had a high number of local relationships with local suppliers for coaching and leadership development. There were a range of over-arching programmes co-ordinated centrally but it remained difficult, if not impossible, to have meaningful management reporting,...

  2. Creating effectivenessRead More

    The client challenge

    The client, an NHS Primary Care Trust, presented blackswan with two challenges:

    Communications - how can 300 commissioning staff spread over 5 locations in County Durham be kept up to date on key issues and topics? This was a particular issue for staff as many felt they were missing out on information. The aim was to have an...
  3. Delivering returns in ChinaRead More

    The client challenge

    This food retail group had invested £600m in China across 3 businesses. With thirty plants, a headcount of 10,000 and a turnover of RMB 4bn, China’s importance in the client’s global operations cannot be overstated. The client wants to develop its senior and middle management teams across three of its Chinese operations. By...

  4. Stepping up to the challengeRead More

    The client challenge

    As the aluminium manufacturing and packaging business evolved to reflect the new realities in world markets, members of the senior management team were called upon to step up to the challenge by changing their work patterns. This involved deliberately moving away from the day to day tactical issues by delegating these to leaders...

  5. Weathering the stormRead More

    The client challenge

    Our client, a major manufacturer, introduced a business wide “Weathering the Storm” programme due to the global market conditions. Life at the company was tough and there was a recognition that difficult market conditions prevail.

    Recent news meant that the business had to change the way in which it operated, and there was a...

How we deliver:

blackswan's first value statement is we work for you. We serve clients in a broad range of industries, government and functions.

Our second value statement is our professional blend of industry expertise with strategic business insights to help improve the performance of industry-leading organisations.

Our third value statement is that we bring unique market insights through our TrendNA which when matched with our strategic insights, passionate innovation practice and a world class delivery team we say proudly is unequalled in the world. Each project that we take on brings together a unique cast of people, complete with diverse backgrounds, roles, and expertise and our unique knowledge base and technology platforms.

Our fourth value statement is that we knowledge-transfer with our clients, so that you are a more complete business for the relationship with blackswan.

We are an innovative business that is always ahead of the curve and we know that our contemporary learning and your wisdom will create great solutions. Our fifth value is that we are not here to tell you how to run your business—we are here to help you run your business.

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