blackswan TransformationDNA® creates for our clients a holistic model of their business that provides the macro and micro of their current business, matched to best performing companies and allows also for roadmap to an agreed future state.

Your organisation has probably worked hard to develop a sophisticated organisational capability. For many businesses however, that capability continues to operate in silos, led by domain experts. This fragmented approach hinders execution and alignment to the vision and strategy of the business.

For some the key reason for poor execution is the lack of a clear vision, a picture of what success looks like. For others they are unable to translate their vision and strategy into an aligned business model that drives innovation or engages their audience. Too often businesses struggle with an “air sandwich” - a generic vision statement on the top and an exhausting list of initiatives on the bottom, but nothing in between.

With business changing rapidly, this uncertainty creates the perfect environment for your ‘blackswan’, the challenger or event that, as yet, you are are unable to see.

We recognise the need to manage change at a business level, the need to understand the interconnections and interrelationships within the company and across its supply chain, and the need to engage and support business leaders in driving change through to a defined and clear ideal future state.blackswan TransformationDNA®, is a living system, constantly refreshed and upgraded by our global research and analytical teams who track over 1000 data points per week and scan breakthrough trends. We combine a micro understanding of business with leading macroeconomic thinking and thought leadership to enable the effective transformation of business, government and academia.

blackswan TransformationDNA® enables the power of higher-order thinking to constantly understand the whole while expertly transforming the parts into a more cohesive, enlightened and enabled capability.

We systematically measure the whole of your business and show where the blocks and transformation opportunities reside. We look at the links between strategy, resources, value and customers and provide a roadmap to add precision, flexibility, innovation, rapid responses, humanity and fun into getting work done more productively.


How Does Your Business Benefit: 

blackswan TransformationDNA® helps you understand your business DNA by enabling you to:

• Understand your goals and redefine your strategy.

Analyse your capability maturity

Understand your business environment

Understand your industry norms

The blackswan TransformationDNA® process works by:

Designing the blue-print that brings you from your current position to where you want to be.

Doing a full prognosis of the risks inherent in undertaking the transformational journey.

Undertaking this journey with you, walking every step of the way with you, enabling your people and processes. This allows you to be in control of the journey and to manage the timeframe, cost and risks as you go.

As the journey matures to your goals, we educate you on the structural complexity of the truly transformational organisation at both the macro and micro level and enable you to continue to reap the commercial benefits.

How We Deliver: 

The blackswan TransformationDNA® system has been built to provide users with an immersive experience within which they can measure their organisational current state, define their ideal final result, browse the results and understand the journey between current and future.

The system creates a unique diagnostic battery, rigorously tested against our 3.2 million data points, academic theory and organisational practice.  The resultant application is used at a number of key stages in the customer engagement cycle, from understanding, through self analysis, full diagnosis and bespoke solution creation.

It can in a short matter of time collect insightful data from any demographic group - your teams, your board, your leaders, your stakeholders basically whoever else matters to you. We transcend functions, hierarchies, geographies, time zones to deliver a real life 3D model. Instantly you will be able to see where your business is at. 

TransformationDNA® Group Analysis utilises the latest audience response system technology to provide immediate feedback from senior management groups on current organisational status.  In addition, our enterprise analysis software allows for large scale deployment of assessment tools and immediate access to the data by business leaders.

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