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There are some things that are slightly different about blackswan recruitment but don’t let that fool you. We have more in common with other recruitment companies than we have differences (we can’t bring ourselves to call them USPs).

You know what we do. We try to help candidates find a job they want and we try to help employers find talented people who will help them perform better. It’s free for the candidates and there’s a fee to the employers. The whole team is experienced so we know what we’re about and we shy away from activity targets because this often results in candidates and clients being nattered a bit. That doesn’t help anyone.

So what’s slightly different?

blackswan is a paradox. It’s a foil fresh recruitment business bursting with experienced personnel. This means you’ll see our passion to deliver results backed up with the knowledge on how to.

Another thing. We don't put the customer first and we don’t put the candidate first. We put our team first. Why? A team that feels valued, respected and supported gives the best service they can to customers and candidates alike..

How Does Your Business Benefit: 

Client Message:

All recruitment companies are basically the same.

They’ll tell you that they’re not but we all know the truth. Doesn’t really matter if they’re global or local (the internet took care of that). Doesn’t matter if they’ve been trading for fifty years or fifty days (candidates come and go in less time). It doesn’t matter if they say they’re quality-led and approach an assignment from a consultative angle (we’re not quite sure what the opposite of that would be – ‘casually-led from a peremptory angle?’).

No. When you boil it down all recruitments companies are pretty much the same at the point of use.  It all depends on the quality of the person handling the enquiry not the ubiquity of the badge on the brochure.

Now we’ve recognised that fact, what will we do for you if give us a try?

We'll listen to your needs. Advise you on the things that will help and hinder finding the right person. Tell you the costs, do all the work and keep you informed. We’ll do personality profiles of the candidates (and the team if you want to see how the profiles fit) and deliver a result. We’ll then thank you for the opportunity and send you the bill. If anything goes wrong we'll be there to put it right. The support doesn't end with the start date.

We're new so we'll value the opportunity to work with you. We're experienced so we'll bring know-how and honesty to the party.

What do we mean by honesty?

We'll tell you what you need to know to make informed decisions when it comes to your recruitment needs. This means you can make the right decisions when you're attracting talent to your business.

Candidate Message:

Operating as specialists in their own fields allows each of the team to provide you with a high-touch experience. 

If you have a background in:

  • Technical – Engineering / Manufacturing
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Finance & Accountancy
  • HR

Then it’d be great to hear from you. Send your CV to us on

We can’t guarantee that we can help you because we don’t know what vacancies we’ll be working on while you’re looking for a new opportunity. Some candidates get jobs through us and some don’t. If there was a way of knowing which camp you’ll fall into we’d tell you in advance and save your time. That said, it costs nothing to drop us a CV and we can have a good chat with you if and when the right job comes available.

We’ll find out as much about the job as possible so you can be sure in advance if it’s the role for you. This saves everyone’s time. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way so you’ll feel informed and comfortable with the whole process

We’ll speak plainly and act with integrity at each stage.

How We Deliver: 

The blackswan recruitment team plays to the individual specialisms within it. This includes:
  • Sales and Marketing
  • HR and Finance
  • Engineering and Manufacturing

We work with candidates at each stage of their career from graduates to board directors and technicians to engineers. The common themes are recognising talent, accommodating aspirations and understanding real needs.

Speaking to blackswan isn’t just about looking at current vacancies, although we’ll do that as a matter of course. Rather, it’s about a fresh, confidential dialogue which will inform the way that we seek to find you the role across our networks. These networks stretch beyond current vacancies, across the UK and into established and emerging markets.

Find Out More: 

To book an appointment with one of our search and selection experts. Contact us on +44 845 603 2815

Alternatively, send your CV to

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