Mastering innovation

The blackswan Mastering Innovation programme is a comprehensive development programme for business leaders to harness the power of Systematic Innovation in their organisations.

Consisting of 3 modular programmes of increasing complexity, Mastering Innovation builds awareness of and skills in Systematic Innovation tools and techniques, and supports leaders in their subsequent application.

Mastering Innovation begins with a Foundation programme that provides knowledge of fundamental innovation processes methods, supported by self-assessment analysis of your organisation and ongoing online mentoring assistance.

Building upon the foundation programme, the Practitioner programme combines further mandatory and optional learning modules and a detailed work-based assignment to test your practical skills application. The practitioner programme is supported by world-class coaching support from our team of innovation blackbelts.

The Master Programme enhances learning and application further with two elective modules and a further work-based assignment. The Master programme concludes with you completing a full innovation assessment of your organisation, supported by our innovation blackbelts.

Learning Sector: Innovation skills and practice
Suitability: Technical and domain specialists, Supervisory and line management, Senior managers and leaders, Executive leadership and the 'C-suite'

How We Deliver: 

This programme is delivered in a 1 day workshop

Programme modules

  • The science of innovation
  • Strategic innovation
  • Innovation culture
  • Creativity, change and the individual
  • The transition from state-owned to full commercial business
  • 20/20 Foresight
  • 20/20 Foresight scenarios
  • Voice of the product / process / system
  • Resolving trade-offs
  • Accessing relevant global knowledge: Someone, somewhere solved your problem
  • Idea to Action
  • Application scenarios: Putting it all together

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