Executive Coaching

blackswan Executive Coaching exists to give top performers what they need to be able to perform at their absolute best. In short, Executive Coaching is a flexible, adaptable and fluid means of achieving desired change and measurable results. 

The Executive Coach's job is to work in close, trusted partnership with a coachee (the customer), applying experience, know-how and insights. The Executive coach will only do whatever is in your personal and professional best interests. Each blackswan Executive Coach is an individual resource of knowledge, expertise, intuition and experience. 

Just as there are no defined sets of challenges or problems, Executive Coaching requires no particular skills sets or backgrounds. What the Executive coach brings to the table is the dynamic ability to deal with a dynamic challenge.

The ultimate goal of Executive Coaching is to help the you reach levels of performance faster and more effectively than if you were going it alone. It's a forward-thinking, forward-moving approach to position you (the Coachee) to work more effectively, efficiently and impactfully within a changing, growing environment.

Above all, Executive Coaching will focus entirely on making a difference - to you and your skills and the organisation as a whole.

The purpose of blackswan Executive Coaching Management is to provide you with a professional resource which will give you external support and outside influence you need to grow and adapt as the market demands. 

blackswan's Executive Coaching guidelines will ensure your coach covers off these points as a basic requirement. the Executive Coach uses His or her long-standing expertise will include the ability to:

  • Meet ethical, professional guidelines 
  • Establish a professional yet personal and trusting relationship 
  • Be fully present and responsive
  • Express active listening
  • Ask powerful questions
  • Be a direct communicator
  • Create and raise awareness
  • Design and create practical action plans and action behaviours
  • Develop plans and establish goals
  • Manage progress. 

Our Coaching bench

We’ve assembled an enviable bench of the world’s best executive coaches so you get the diversity and quality you need. All possess fantastic experience and expertise in both business and leadership development.

Every single blackswan expert has a range of internationally recognised qualifications and accreditations, are supervised on their work and, as part of their role, have in place their own continuous professional development plans.

  • We ensure that education, qualifications and accreditation are checked.
  • We validate and track experience to ensure it is relevant to the now, and equips them for the future.
  • We engage to keep our experts on track, on message, and informed.
  • We provide a community of knowledge sharing and continual learning.

Our global presence means that we can deliver truly local solutions, addressing the cultural and logistical challenges you face, and delivered in a language and style suited to the realities of your business.

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How Does Your Business Benefit: 

The point of Executive Coaching is to improve your emotional resilience and motivation and as a result your personal and professional effectiveness and satisfaction.

Your Executive Coach will look at your behaviours, styles, vision and practices and work with you to understand and optimise your own personal effectiveness. The benefits are extremely far-reaching:

With Executive Coaching you’ll gain a deeper, clearer understanding of your own style and skills, the automatic responses that result, and the resources to build on or overcome them, as appropriate

  • See improved professional relationships, decision-making skills, assertiveness and delegation abilities
  • Be better at giving and receiving feedback
  • Benefit from greater job satisfaction and clearer career plans / actions
  • See an improved whole of life balance
  • Gain a clearer strategic perspective
  • Be a better agent of change and management skills.

Business alignment

blackswan Executive Coaching provides world class coaching expertise and resources for senior management populations, with remits aligned to individual organisational goals.

blackswan have worked with many global organisations in quantifying and communicating organisational values and transferring these to a Executive Coaching environment.

An example of blackswan applying business aligned Executive Coaching with one of our customers is below.

Example: Global Natural Resources Organisation

In working with a global natural resources organisation, blackswan provided specific development support in the key areas, or 'The 5 Pillars'.

The 5 Pillars Are:

  • Change Transformation- Managing yourself and others through the ambiguity and uncertainty.
  • Motivation - Understanding and implementing what is going to motivate your team/s to deliver in challenging times/environments
  • Emotional Structuring - Achieving the right balance in work and life and a personal sense of well being.
  • Situational Management/Leadership - Taking the right and pragmatic steps to ensure that best is made of the resources and situations that you find yourself operating within.
  • Business Retention Issues - Retaining and nurturing the best talent in challenging times.

These 5 pillars are the business critical issues most likely to impact on coachees and their business areas and provided a structure and framework for them to work in partnership with blackswan to develop their specific Executive Coaching contract.

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Our Clients Experiences: 

Coaching on a global scaleRead More

The client challenge

As an international business, our client from the extractive industries had a high number of local relationships with local suppliers for coaching and leadership development. There were a range of over-arching programmes co-ordinated centrally but it remained difficult, if not impossible, to have meaningful management reporting, investment assessments and leadership development communications in this multiple-contractor arrangement.

The client needed a flexible, nimble, well-resourced partner not only to deliver the actual coaching but also to provide the programme management to report the return on investment, advise on coaching trends, ensure consistency of delivery quality , control costs and facilitate the operation. They  wanted to:

  • Develop and retain their talent pool in order to deliver greater shareholder value
  • Address known areas of improvement as identified in organisational surveys
  • Be the employer of choice in this field
  • Target specific interventions to meet known and evolving business need and deliver on key business metrics)
  • Shape the programme orientation to deliver cultural shift
  • Focus on individuals for tailored amplification of results
  • Build confidential communication platform between the business and its senior management team

The blackswan solution

blackswan delivered a fully-managed coaching service to the client. We provided access to a world bench of over 200 highly-experienced coaches managed by our best-in-class coaching specialists. The coaching interventions were preceded by a detailed needs diagnosis which allowed all participants to have a choice of two perfectly-matched coaches to choose from.

blackswan developed a unique portal to provide information on the programme, a knowledge database for further learning, coach profiles for on-line selection and surveys and metrics for detailed management reporting.

All documentation was standardised and blackswan provided a full accounts administration to eliminate the transactional costs associated with the previous set up.           

The client outcome

This managed service allowed the client to get ongoing feedback on the programme as a whole, by product group and by geography and we provided accurate, current statements on activities, costs and customer satisfaction. 95.4% of programme respondents agreed or strongly agreed that coaching has had a positive effect on their performance.


  • Direct positive bottom line impact
  • Enhanced leadership performance.
  • Improved talent retention.
  • Powerful management information on activity, costs, impact, culture and leadership perceptions

Most critically of all, the programme has had a direct and positive bottom line impact and has been hailed by the client’s HR business community and the Executive Team as a resounding success.

How We Deliver: 

The coaching process

blackswan Executive Coaching has been designed to help us do the best we can in the current extraordinary market conditions. To meet these challenges, we need our people to achieve high performance levels in all areas of business endeavour. 

Your leadership team understands that sustained focus on developing our leaders and their skills will make the difference we need to see. After all, it’s the personal and professional well-being of our people that will drive business growth and value.

Most successful global companies run Executive Coaching programmes as part of their global leadership development strategy, especially those experiencing high levels of growth or change.

The blackswan suite of services has been designed to give you the right level of personalised support to help you manage and deal with business growth and demands. If you feel you don’t need any Executive Coaching at this point, that’s fine – you will still be able to use the Executive Coaching programme further down the line, if you wish

Managed services

Executive Coaching procurement is commonly misunderstood, poorly researched, and mismanaged.

Too much emphasis is placed on personal relationships and ‘shadowy’ recommendations.  Once appointed, Executive Coaches exert a considerable hold on their clients, often perpetuating non-productive relationships.

Businesses often have little or no control over individual Executive Coaching engagements.

blackswan offer complete Executive Coaching Managed Services, providing a unique feature set to global businesses:

  • Access to the largest vendor-independent, standards-assessed and profiled Executive Coaching bench in the world.
  • Bespoke accreditation and acclimatisation programmes for engaged Executive Coaches.
  • World-class informational services and self-help toolkits to support Executive coaches.
  • Online self-serve search and selection of coaches with personalised support services.
  • Active community forums for discussing issues between coaches and coachees.
  • Comprehensive reporting and feedback mechanisms including ROI.
  • Complete alignment to corporate values and objectives.

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