Career transition

blackswan are world leaders in career transition and outplacement. We provide a range of activities to enable you to develop a greater awareness of your capacities, skills and limitations. We help you pursue the career options open to you and manage the transition through a career change or into re-employment following the loss of a job. blackswan offer customised, high quality and cost effective outplacement solutions to even the largest of businesses. Through the use of our online outplacement services, products and technology we are able to support large organisations and provide an excellent career change experience for your employees. By utilising our online career transition portal, Evolve, you can give your transitioning employees the career tools and employment resources they deserve at an affordable price to your business.
  • Rich resources to equip employees with the skills and knowledge they need to navigate the jobs market
  • Psychometric tests to identify the individual's career options, challenges, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Templates to support cover letters, thank you notes, and other types of correspondence to enhance career transition communication.
  • Access to timesaving and valuable career research.
  • Interviewing, networking and other practical skills.

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