A Women’s Mindset for the New World
Maurice Duffy

Written by Maurice Duffy

In my experience, which is scientifically based on my most educational dealings with countless successful women (my own high flying partner included!), we need new mindsets for the New World.

I recently read a front cover that said: Since the human race began, women have delivered for society. It is time now for the world to deliver for women. “No!” I say. It’s time women took us back to the future onEntrepreneurship and Innovation. These are the fields that need to be farmed in the future. These are the fields that will allow gender inequality to be marginalised, because a leapfrogging in leadership onEntrepreneurship and Innovation is a leapfrogging in leadership.

However gender bias society is (which is integrated in the structures and institutions) it is also reflected in the entrepreneurial field. We find that the domains where the majority of women are found, both as employed and as entrepreneurs, are not valued as highly as the domains men occupy. That is why the work being carried out by our Women In Leadership programmes is so important. The biases and domain silos in the entrepreneurial field will not be changed without directed, allocated funds. We need to go back to the future and finish the revolution. So, to succeed, we need a new mindset for the New World: a mind-set which embraces innovation and entrepreneurship as a critical step on the journey to success.

Then, we need to capitalise on this mindset by identifying and positively recognising the women in the workforce who are innovators, role models and leaders in the technology, science and engineering fields. The women are the consumers of the future and they are the innovators of today and so we need to bring them to the front and give them the opportunities needed to take us back to the future onEntrepreneurship and Innovation and finish the revolution—for all our sakes.

Innovate or stagnate—it’s our choice.