• Coaching with blackswan
    Coaching with Blackswan – Unlocking your inner potential
  • New Mindsets for New Times - Workshops and Training
    Bringing a Unique and Flexible Programme to Forward Thinking Organisations
  • Why is your mindset important?
    In the past three years we at Blackswan have being studying how mindsets influence employee engagement, leadership behaviours and organisational change.
  • Change model
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  • A way to plan for the future – make the unknowns known
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  • Ideas Lab
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  • China specific insights into coaching
    This article is authored by Chan HR Consulting.  
  • war agenda
    Selling your agenda
    I went to see Professor Martin Seligman present at the Sydney Opera House recently.
  • cross roads
    Organisational Change
    Human beings don’t like change.  At best (or worst), we tolerate it as an imposition on our existence.  The majority of us prefer to live in the shadows of doing things the way...
  • The Customer Experience
    The more positive the experience, the more profound the impact.
  • Education for the Future.
    I was skiing recently in Val d'Isère– my twelfth visit, and I highly recommend it!
  • Public Service NHS
    Building leadership capability in the Public Services
    In the present economic climate, leadership development is becoming a critical issue within organisations.
  • plasma core
    What are the core elements of true transformation?
    Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
  • Telephone old fashioned communication
    Leaders learn too! Becoming an effective communicator.
    Leaders learn too! Becoming an effective communicator.
  • The need for transformation
  • floor plan blue print
    Organisational Change
  • Five Levels Of Open Innovation
  • Furture
    Futurology or Codology
    Many Business leaders spend an inordinate amount of time planning for the future or reacting to present circumstances.
  • london riots
    Why did the UK riots escalate?
  • building blocks
    Building a strategy that delivers the future now
    The building blocks to a great business strategy
  • Skateboarding wow
    Deconstructing ‘wow’
    Something to be thinking about:how do you recognise a Finnish extrovert?
  • dmann
    Speakers at Innovate to Success conference give their views on innovation
  • creativer search
    The search for creativity
  • the lone inventor
    Does the lone inventor have a role anymore?
  • Fortune follows the brave
    Traffic congestion is one of the biggest blights on modern society.
  • leadership
    Transformational resources & leadership
  • Greenhouse
    The transformation greenhouse
  • Transformational strategy & vision
  • paint strip Triz
    Case studies in TRIZ: Evolving paint
  • Meerkats Peer Review
    Peer review reviewed
  • Police car
    The engagement mindset
  • 'Effective' creativity?
  • waste basket
    Corporate anorexia
  • Using Open Innovation
    None of us are as smart as all of us. The application of Open Innovation
  • House burning
    Don't let the house burn down!
  • A central and purposeful direction for change
  • Creating a Vision
    Creating a vision
  • Transforming Team Performance
    Transforming team performance
  • Nothing new under the sun
    TRIZ, Systematic Innovation and the three phases of Lean
  • Can Ireland be the innovation centre of Europe
    Can Ireland be the innovation centre of Europe?
    Does Ireland have the gusto to grab European innovation, drive it effectively and execute a global transformation?  
  • Jester
    Judgement, the jester's art
  • Dump our leaders?
    Do we need to dump our leaders?
  • High potentials
    Developing high potentials – Delivering excellence in a future world
  • Six Sigma kills
    Six Sigma kills, Lean kills absolutely
    Lean and Six Sigma are the polar opposites of innovation. They kill it.
  • Sustainability: Considerations for leaders and workplaces
  • Measuring the value of learning
  • Fighter jet
    Measuring business ‘g-force’ and agility
  • Experts are killing innovation
    We have seen significant changes in the global marketplace where traditional solutions no longer work and businesses are striving to deal with change in an unprecedented way.
  • Looking at the future
    What does the future hold for executive coaching?
    I am often asked about the future of executive coaching both by coaches and coachees.  In this whitepaper I will look to answer the question, “Is the future bright, commer