blackswan global alliances

blackswan have a strong network of alliance partners that share our objective of helping our customers become high-performance businesses. Meaningful partnerships and alliances to blackswan are the foundation for business success. Partnerships and alliances are what enables blackswan to be at the forefront of thought leadership. One of our core values is that we offer our clients the best solution for them, not just the blackswan solution.

We work with our alliance partners to design and develop tools, training, support and resources on a range of services and products.  We use our alliance partnerships to be a solution accelerator. This enables our customers to benefit from best practice and transform their businesses. This also enables our alliance partners to grow and develop their products within large global clients.

It’s no coincidence that Red Bull, the 2010 F1 constructors champion used components from multiple partners to create the best F1 car in the world this year. With an engine from Renault, Brembo brakes, Pirelli tyres and of course Sebastien Vettel at the wheel, they come together to deliver world class performance. blackswan applies the same philosophy to bring together the very best in breed components to deliver the business performance you demand.

We have used our alliance partnership programme to benefit our customers in a number of ways:

  • Prepare their leaders and teams to be breakthrough thinkers and execute with simplicity.

  • Use innovative thinking and concrete metrics to inspire great business results.

  • Foster a collaborative and trusting environment that allows for winning business outcomes.

  • Tackle big, difficult issues that need knowledge, experience and thought leadership with a very sharp focus on the bottom line.

 Our alliance partners tell us their benefits are:

  • The creation of new business solutions.

  • Privileged access to blackswan thought leadership, IP and innovation.

  • Support and capability in creating win/win relationships and client success.

  • Joint go-to-market initiatives.

  • First Mover status.