About blackswan

A  Brief Overview:

Many organisations, as they evaluate their current business, seek the assistance, advice and comfort of industry experts to help them on their transformational journey. The deficiency in this strategy is that industry experts apply industry-biased thinking which merely results in a continuation of current practices in a more efficient manner. The best that can be achieved with this approach is incremental innovation that cannot deliver positive step change for the benefit of the business. blackswan is aptly named. The blackswan business has been to set up to provide disruptive innovation and transformation thereby creating positive “Black Swan Events” for our clients. blackswan brings you the Insight Deficit - something your company sees and no-else does, bringing you first mover advantage.

blackswan are a unique transformation partner to businesses, born to create exactly this kind of change. We are outside-in thinkers, with an unbridled inquisitiveness and ability to deliver insights on trends, apply innovative thinking, deliver transformational change and enable our clients to create breakthrough innovation and competitive advantage. Our business is driven by a singular client mission: Transformation Delivered. We are an outlier that work with the best to help organisations transform their businesses to be more cost effective and productive. Our unique offering delivers People, Process and Innovation improvements and we are world class in:


What we do:

· The delivery of real business Transformational solutions in 23 countries

· The successful deployment of end to end innovation in services and products

· Organisational Performance and Health Diagnostics

· The deployment of process improvements;

· The successful identification and protection of IP for a large range of clients.

· The management of large outsourcing programmes in 103 countries for major projects

· The use of metric driven scoreboards for People Productivity and Innovation for a large number of clients.


How we do it:

· We combine rigorous analytical skills, very experienced practitioners, a global network of knowledge leaders, with some unique systems to deliver truly transformational project driven outcomes;

· We own the world’s largest privately owned Innovation database, blackswan Apollo Sigma®, that has been built over the past 15 years and tracks global trends and innovation that shapes our thinking;

· Working with some of the leading business schools and global transformational companies we have developed a unique capability: an interactive system of BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION called blackswan TransformationDNA®

· We have a partner ethos that looks to build on your wisdom using our contemporary knowledge to deliver successful measurable outcomes


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Blackswans chosen charity is The PSP Association - www.pspeur.org